The Landing

The Landing

hope, healing, community

The Landing is a casual gathering of people who desire to meet with God and one another in pursuit of healing from hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Meetings include a large group time with music, stories and deep moments of practical wisdom. Afterwards, same-gender small groups share food, talk about life and pray. We’re struggling with things like divorce, abuse, grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, infertility, and cancer. This list is not exhaustive and if the thing that is weighing on you is not listed, it doesn’t mean you’re not welcome. You are.

If you’re struggling - with anything - or if you feel positioned to help others who are suffering, The Landing is just for you. Confidentiality and anonymity are practiced as mission critical.

The Landing meets most Sundays at 5pm.

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Q: Is The Landing the same as Celebrate Recovery?
A: Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program for those who are struggling with hurt, pain or addiction. There are a lot of similarities between The Landing and Celebrate Recovery, but The Landing hopes to address a wider audience and offer more relational depth and content variety than a traditional Celebrate Recovery service would.

Q: Why does The Landing meet at Lincoln Mill, instead of at one of our existing campuses?
A: There are a variety of reasons why many of the people who want and need The Landing may be averse to a typical church environment. By meeting and serving the community at Lincoln Mill, we hope to reach more people who are in search of healing.

Q: Do I have to be in recovery from addiction to be a part of The Landing?
A: Absolutely not. The Landing is a community that welcomes those who are hurting and seeking healing, no matter the source of that pain.

Q: Is The Landing a religious environment?
A: People of all faiths (or no faith) are welcomed with no explanations necessary. At the same time, we unapologetically believe that a relationship with Jesus is the foundation for all of the healing we pursue.

Q: I’ve read the description, but I still have questions about what an actual hangout at The Landing looks like. Can you tell me more?
A: The best way to learn more is to check out our Facebook page or visit us and see for yourself! You will never be put on the spot, and you will always be loved and accepted exactly as you are. But if you have specific questions, you can always email

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